At Unilever Food Solutions, we recognize the difficulties that workplace operators have faced and are dedicated to supporting them in providing exceptional food experiences.

Challenges Faced by the Workplace Catering Market:

The surge in inflation and economic pressures has led to a significant increase in the costs of food ingredients, staffing, and utilities. The impact of these rising costs has been exacerbated by unreliable and unpredictable supply chains. Additionally, the continued occurrence of transport strikes and the adoption of hybrid working patterns have made it challenging to anticipate the return to workplace environments.

Positive Signs of Recovery:

Despite these challenges, the workplace catering sector is witnessing a gradual improvement. According to recent data, 29% of people expect to return to work [1] slightly more than usual. This is a positive indication that the workplace is gradually returning to a semblance of normalcy.

Accelerated Turnover Growth:

As the workplace catering market adapts to the changing landscape, there is an expectation of accelerated turnover growth [2]. Businesses are finding innovative solutions to overcome challenges and capitalize on emerging opportunities. At Unilever Food Solutions, we remain optimistic about the future of workplace catering and are committed to supporting operators in this journey.

Unilever Food Solutions: A Partner in Success:

Unilever Food Solutions is uniquely positioned to assist workplace operators in navigating these uncertain times. As a business built by chefs, we understand the daily challenges faced in the kitchen. Our portfolio includes market-leading brands and products that offer consistent, reliable quality and supply.

Our in-house chefs and dedicated team of account managers are passionate about developing and sharing solutions. We aim to help workplace operators maximize their food offerings, ensuring that they can meet the evolving needs of their customers. By partnering with Unilever Food Solutions, workplace operators can access the expertise and resources needed to thrive in the current market.

While the workplace catering market has faced significant challenges, there are promising signs of recovery. Unilever Food Solutions stands ready to support workplace operators in delivering exceptional food experiences, overcoming obstacles, and driving accelerated turnover growth. Together, we can navigate the path to success in the evolving landscape of workplace catering.


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[2] UK Eating Out Market Report, Lumina Intelligence May-23