Fattoush salad – recipe | Unilever Food Solutions UK

For the dressing:

For the salad:

  • Pitta bread 160 g
  • Tomatoesdiced 1 kg
  • Cucumberde-seeded and diced 400 g
  • Green peppersdiced 150 g
  • Banana shallotsdiced 100 g
  • Rocket 100 g
  • Little gem lettuce 200 g
  • Radishsliced 100 g
  1. For the dressing:

    • Mix the olive oil, lemon juice, COLMAN’S Fresh Garden Mint Sauce and KNORR Garlic Puree together.
  2. For the salad:

    • Dice the tomatoes and peppers, slice the radish, cucumber and shallots.
    • Wash the lettuce and rocket then drain well.
    • Rip the pitta bread into pieces and dampen with a little water then place into a large mixing bowl.
    • Add the vegetables and leaves then add half the dressing.
    • Mix well and place into a serving bowl.
    • Pour over the remaining dressing ensuring all is covered and serve.