Advance Preparation


  • Wholemeal medium sliced bread 600.0 g
  • FLORA Buttery 2kg 200.0 g

Put this sandwich recipe on your menu and your guests will come back for more! A classic afternoon tea sandwich, with added punch from the COLMAN'S English mustard.



  1. Advance Preparation

    • Mix the HELLMANN'S Mayonnaise with the COLMAN'S English Mustard.
    • Take 100g of the ham and slice finely, add to 100ml of the mustard mayonnaise and chopped parsley. Mix well, cover and refrigerate until required.
  2. Method

    • Spread a thin layer of the FLORA Buttery on the wholemeal bread.
    • Then take 10 slices of bread and place approx. 70g of smoked ham, then top with 20g of mustard mayonnaise.
    • Place the reaming 10 slices of bread on top.
    • Place two sandwiches on top of each other, and with a serrated knife remove all the crusts.
    • Cut into 3 neat oblongs and repeat with the remainder of the sandwiches.