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Watch the Phil Vickery gluten-free masterclass

KNORR gluten-free masterclass with Phil Vickery is now available to watch online. See how simple it is to set up your kitchen to prepare gluten-free food.


Watch the video of the masterclass here.

Caterers are missing out on over £100m in gluten-free business every year[1]. In the masterclass, Phil Vickery demonstrates just how easy it is to set up your kitchen and create delicious gluten-free recipes to make the most of this missed opportunity. Coeliac UK also provide expert advice on coeliac disease and what gluten-free accreditation can do for your business.


Our gluten-free roundtable

Top names from across the industry came together to tackle the question ‘how can we make eating out of home easier for people with coeliac disease?’. Watch out for our write up packed with views and insight coming soon.


#Glutenfreeday – now it’s your turn!

Operators made gluten-free the hero of their menu for the day. Get some great gluten-free recipe ideas for yourself here.


KNORR pop-up gluten-free restaurant

The newly gluten-free accredited Unilever kitchen hosted a gluten-free pop-up restaurant. Find out how you can get Coeliac UK’s gluten-free accreditation in our kitchen guide.


Thank you Thunderclap

We caused gluten-free waves across Twitter with our Thank you Thunderclap. We got the whole industry tweeting about gluten-free and donated £1 to Coeliac UK for every show of support.

To find out more about why you should get involved in gluten-free, watch our masterclass here.