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For the mess:

  • MEADOWLAND Double 1L 800 ml
  • Icing sugar 100 g
  • Vanilla (pod) 5 g

For the meringues:

  • Egg white 100 g
  • Caster sugar 200 g
  • Red Food Colour 1 ml

To make the mess:

  • Strawberries 500 g
  1. For the mess:

    • Place the MEADOWLAND Double into a machine with whisk attachment.
    • Scrape the seeds from a vanilla pod and add to the MEADOWLAND Double.
    • Whisk until soft peaks are formed.
    • Add in the icing sugar and whisk for a further 20 seconds to ensure it is fully incorporated.
    • Leave in the fridge until required.
  2. For the meringues:

    • Place the egg whites in a bowl along with the caster sugar.
    • Over a bain-marie whisk the whites until the sugar is dissolved and the egg whites are at 37°C.
    • Remove them from the heat and whisk on a machine until firm peaks are achieved.
    • Place the red food colouring into a disposable piping bag then move it around inside the bag to create blotches of colour inside the bag.
    • Add in the egg whites and cut a small hole in the base of the bag.
    • Allow any excess food coloring to drip from the bag before you start piping.
    • Pipe onto a lined baking tray into small peaks, as the meringue comes through the bag the ripple effect to be created.
    • Bake at 130°C until the meringues are fully cooked.
  3. To make the mess:

    • Dice the strawberries and fold half through the mess. Reserving the remaining for the build.
    • Place a serving spoon of the mess into the base of your dish.
    • Then add on a few diced strawberries and meringues.
    • Add another serving spoon of the cream on top of the garnish with the strawberries and meringue pieces.