Haddock and Rice Pilaf:

Eggs & Green Beans:

  • Egg 10.0 pc
  • Green beans 300.0 g
  • Seasoning (salt+pepper) 2.0 g

To finish and serve:

  • Flat leaf Parsley 30.0 g

With its origins from India this traditional British dish will be familiar to most residents. A curried dish of rice and smoked haddock and egg brought to life with KNORR Professional Patak's Korma Paste.



  1. Haddock and Rice Pilaf:

    • Whisk the KNORR Rich Vegetable Paste Bouillon with boiling water till dissolved.
    • Finely dice the onions and sweat with the vegetable oil for 5 minutes.
    • Add the rice and KNORR Professional Patak's Korma Paste. Sweat for a further 5 minutes add vegetable bouillon.
    • Transfer to gastro tray, cover and bake in a combi oven at 170c for 20 minutes.
    • Meanwhile pin bone the haddock, brush with oil and bake the fish for 12 minutes with the rice.
  2. Eggs & Green Beans:

    • Boil the eggs for 7 minutes, refresh under cold water, peel and cut into quarters.
    • Cut the green beans into short lengths and blanch in salted water.
  3. To finish and serve:

    • Flake the Smoked Haddock.
    • Chop the parsley and stir half through the rice pilaf with green beans.
    • Divide the rice into bowls.
    • Top with flaked Haddock, boiled eggs and the rest of chopped parsley.