Advance Preparation:

Spiced Batter

Triple cooked potato wedges

  • Potatoes 1700.0 g

Yoghurt pea puree

  • Frozen peas 525.0 g
  • Low fat plain yoghurt 175.0 ml
  • Chilli flakes 2.0 g

Frying the fish

  • Plain flour 150.0 g

Try out this Chef Hacks recipe! Get a spiced twist on the classic fish and chips dish with Knorr Patak's Korma Paste. The fresh taste of the yoghurt pea puree creates a great summer dish.



  1. Advance Preparation:

    • Make up the KNORR Professional Vegetable Bouillon by boiling the water and whisking in the jelly.
    • Check that the fish has been scaled, pin boned and cut into 150g portions
  2. Spiced Batter

    • Whisk together the KNORR Patak's Korma Paste, plain flour and water until a smooth batter is formed.
  3. Triple cooked potato wedges

    • Wash the potatoes.
    • Cut them into equal sized wedges.
    • Leave them in cold water for 1 hour.
    • Blanch them in boiling water for 5 min. and then drain.
    • Put the wedges into the deep fat fryer for 5 min. at 120°C. Then remove and drain.
    • When ready to serve, cook the wedges at 180°C until crisp and golden.
  4. Yoghurt pea puree

    • Put the peas into the boiling vegetable stock for 1 min.
    • Drain the peas and retain the stock.
    • Put the peas, yoghurt, chilli flakes and 90mls of the vegetable stock into a blender and pulse blend until you have a textured puree.
    • Keep hot until required.
  5. Frying the fish

    • Put the remaining flour in a deep tray.
    • Add the cod pieces and coat them evenly.
    • Take each cod piece and place into the batter and coat them.
    • Gentle place the cod in the fryer at 180°C taking care that they don't stick together and fry until cooked.
    • Drain on a wire rack then serve immediately.
  6. To Serve

    • Put the spiced pea puree on the plate alongside the battered cod.
    • Add a portion of potato wedges, wedge of lemon and rocket salad