For the parfait

to serve

  • White chocolate 50.0 g
  • Dried Strawberries 30.0 g

Frozen Strawberry parfait with classic flavour combination of basil and black pepper.



  1. For the parfait

    • Place the cold milk into the bowl and add the CARTE D’OR Strawberry Mousse Mix.
    • Whisk on an electric mixer for 2 minutes on a low speed, followed by whisking it at a high speed for 3 minutes.
    • Add in the double cream, finely chopped basil and black pepper.
    • Whisk for a further 2 minutes at high speed.
    • The take the mousse and place into a piping bag.
    • Pipe the mousse into the mould and place into the freezer.
  2. to serve

    • Break the strawberries into small pieces.
    • Melt the white chocolate and place into a piping bag.
    • Remove the strawberry parfait from the mould and cut to the desired size. Pipe on some white chocolate.
    • Place a portion on a plate and garnish with the strawberry pieces.