For the Sauerkraut:

For the Currywurst Sauce:

For the Shallot Rings:

  • Banana shallots 200.0 g
  • Soya Milk (unsweetened) 200.0 ml
  • Plain flour 100.0 g
  • Smoked paprika 2.0 g
  • Curry powder medium 2.0 g

To Serve:

Open double sandwich topped with The Vegetarian Butcher NoHotdog with classic Bavarian-style sauce, sauerkraut and crispy onions.



  1. For the Sauerkraut:

    • Thinly slice the cabbage and place into a colander over a bowl then sprinkle with the salt, leave for one hour (minimum).
    • Place the rest of the ingredients in a pan and gently heat to dissolve the sugar and allow spices to infuse.
    • Drain the cabbage, and wring out excess liquid in a cloth .
    • Place cabbage in sealable container (clip top jar if possible) and pour over the warm solution.
    • Allow to pickle overnight (the longer the better).
  2. For the Currywurst Sauce:

    • Combine all ingredients in a pan and gently heat for 5 minutes then remove and blend until smooth.
    • Cover and keep warm until needed.
  3. For the Shallot Rings:

    • Pre-heat the fryer to 160c.
    • Thinly slice shallots into rings and soak in soya milk for at least an hour.
    • Mix the flour, smoked paprika and curry powder together in a bowl.
    • Coat the rings with the seasoned flour and fry until golden brown and crispy, drain and season to taste.
  4. To Serve:

    • Steam or poach the NoHotdogs for 10 minutes.
    • Remove the NoHotdogs from heat and take out of the packaging then make some angled slits about 1cm apart on both sides.
    • Add the oil to the pan and carefully add the NoHotdogs and cook for 2 minutes until the outer skins crisp up.
    • Toast the sour dough.
    • Arrange the sauerkraut on the toast evenly, place two dogs on top
    • Spoon over the curry sauce over and garnish with micro coriander and crispy shallot rings.