Thali Dish - Squash Balti, Bhindi Pakora, Red cabbage koshimbir – recipe | Unilever Food Solutions UK

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For the squash balti

Red Cabbage Koshimbir

For the carrot salad

For the bhindi pakora

  • Vegetable oil 50 ml
  • Okra 150 g
  • Turmeric 5 g
  • Seasoning (salt+pepper) 3 g
  • Gram flour 160 g
  • Basmati rice 300 g
  • Tofu 300 g
  • Lemon juice 20 ml
  • Light coconut milk 400 ml
  • Carte D'Or Mango Coulis 1L 300 ml
  • Water 325 ml

For the basmati rice, naan bread and mago lassi

  • Carte D'Or Mango Coulis 1L
  • Light coconut milk
  • Lemon juice
  • Tofu
  • Basmati rice
  • Water
  • Naan bread 5 pc
  1. For the squash balti

    • Chopthe squashinto 2cm cubes, rub with KNORR Professional Mixed Chilli Puree and 50ml vegetable oil and roast in oven at 175c for 35 minutes.
    • Meanwhile slowly saute onions, add KNORR Professional Patak's Balti Ready To use Sauce and combine with roasted squash.
    • Top with cubes of roasted red pepper and the chopped coriander.
  2. Red Cabbage Koshimbir

    • For red cabbage Koshimbir finely slice red cabbage.
    • Mix with 5g nigella seeds, KNORR Professional Garlic Puree and sliced spring onions.
  3. For the carrot salad

    • grate carrots
    • mix with KNORR Professional Ginger Puree, coriander
  4. For the bhindi pakora

    • Mix gram flour with turmeric and seasoning
    • Slice okra and dust with gram flour mix.
    • Whisk thewater in to the remaining gram flour mix to make batter
    • Dip okra in batter and deep fry at 175c for approximately 2 minutes.
  5. For the basmati rice, naan bread and mago lassi

    • Cook basmati rice in water,
    • Warm naan breads in oven
    • For mango lassi- blend tofu, lemon juice, coconut milk and Carte D'Or Mango Coulis
    • Serve in dishes along with bhindi pakora and squash Balti.