For the summer rolls:

A Vietnamese rice paper roll filled with vermicelli noodles, chicken, carrots, cucumber and mint, with a KNORR Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.



  1. For the summer rolls:

    • Gently poach chicken breasts until cooked then chill.
    • Shred chicken and toss through 100ml KNORR Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce.
    • Place ice noodles in boiling water until cooked then, chill and toss in sesame oil.
    • Pick the mint leaves, finely slice cucumbers, julienne the carrots and red pepper.
    • In a deep dish soak the rice papers a few at a time for 30 seconds or until soft.
    • To build the rolls place mint into the middle of the paper.
    • Add 3 slices of cucumber to cover the mint leaf.
    • Add noodles neatly on top then carrots, Red Pepper and Chicken making sure not to over fill.
    • Fold over top and bottom section of rice paper leaving a gap in middle.
    • Start to roll from either side, tucking in rice paper as it rolls.
    • Store on a clingfilm lined tray and cover the rolls as you go..
    • Repeat until you have 20 rolls.
    • Place rest of KNORR Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Sauce into dipping pot for service.