For the black bean burger:

To prepare the pickle.

To cook and serve:

This oriental inspired black bean burger with sweet ginger pickled shallots is a delicious veggie burger option for your vegetarian guests.



  1. For the black bean burger:

    • Drain the black beans.
    • Peel and finely dice the shallots.
    • Slice the sun dried tomatoes.
    • Chop the coriander.
    • Roughly mash the black beans leaving a few beans whole for texture.
    • Add the in shallots, KNORR BLUE DRAGON Szechuan Concentrated Sauce, chilli flakes, paprika, coriander, sundried tomatoes, Worcestershire sauce, and the salt.
    • Mix the ingredients adding the egg and then wholemeal flour to form a burger mix.
    • Form the mix into 10 even sized balls then press into a ring mould to the desired diameter. If necessary use a little extra wholemeal flour to prevent these from sticking.
    • Put the patties onto greaseproof papersquares so they can be cooked on them.
  2. To prepare the pickle.

    • Peel and finely slice the banana shallots on a mandolin.
    • Finely dice the stem ginger.
    • Place the KNORR Professional Ginger Puree, stem ginger, rice vinegar and sugar into a pan and reduce by half.
    • Remove from the heat and pour over the sliced shallots.
    • Allow to cool.
  3. To cook and serve:

    • Remove the base of the little gem and take off the individual leaves. Wash them ready for use.
    • Place the burger onto a hot gill whilst still on the greaseproof paper. Cook for 5 min. turning once to achieve even bar marks.
    • Cut the brioche buns and lightly grill.
    • On the base of the bun add the HELLMANN'S Real Mayonnaise then the little gem lettuce.
    • Place the burger on top the lettuce.
    • Top the burger with the pickled shallots and the Alfalfa sprouts.
    • Place on the bun lid skewer and serve.