For the tomato stock:

  • orange tomato 750.0 g
  • Red peppers 80.0 g
  • Sea salt 5.0 g
  • Caster sugar 5.0 g
  • Basil 25.0 g

For the pea sorbet:

  • Water 250.0 ml
  • Caster sugar 55.0 g
  • Frozen peas 250.0 g
  • Mint 10.0 g

For the risotto:

To serve:

  • Frozen peas 150.0 g
  • Broad beans 150.0 g
  • Basil 10.0 g
  • Pea Shoots 80.0 g



  1. For the tomato stock:

    • Blend all the ingredients together then pour into a muslin cloth and tie the top and hang over a bowl.
    • Place into the fridge and allow to dip over night or for at least 2 hours.
  2. For the pea sorbet:

    • Pour the water and sugar into a saucepan and bring to a simmer then cook until the sugar has dissolved.
    • Remove from the heat and chill.
    • Blend the peas and mint with the syrup, then pour into a container and freeze.
  3. For the risotto:

  4. Peel and dice the shallot and garlic.
  5. Pour half the oil into saucepan and add half the shallot and garlic then sweat for 3-4 minutes.
  6. Add the spelt and cook for 1 minute then add a ladle of the tomato stock and cook the risotto normally using the tomato stock until the spelt is just soft.
  7. Slice the tomatoes and add half to the risotto then season with the yeast flakes.
  • To serve:

    • Sweat the remaining shallots in the oil for 2 minutes then add the peas, broad beans and remaining tomatoes then rip in the basil and remove from the heat.
    • Spoon the risotto into serving bowls and top with the vegetables then garnish with pea shoots and pea sorbet.