Tater Tots:

For Toppings:

To finish and serve:

  • Crispy Fried Onions 75.0 g
  • Sliced Jalapenos in Brine (drained weight) 50.0 g

American crispy potato bites. A great side or snack loaded with a selection of toppings.



  1. Tater Tots:

    • Peel the potatoes and par boil.
    • Drain, leave to cool slightly and grate.
    • Squeeze out any excess moisture.
    • Fold through KNORR Professional Garlic and mixed peppercorn puree and cornflour.
    • Shape into thimble sized lozenges.
    • Deep fry at 165c till golden brown and crispy.
    • Drain off excess fat.
  2. For Toppings:

    • Combine HELLMANN's Real Mayonnaise with KNORR Professional Paprika Puree.
    • Cut streaky bacon into lardons and sauté in large pan till crispy.
    • Dice the hotdogs and add to large pan to heat through.
    • Wash and finely slice spring onions.
  3. To finish and serve:

    • Divide sweet potato fries and hot dog pieces into suitable dishes.
    • Top with jalapeno slices, spring onions, paprika mayonnaise and crispy onions.