For the crispy mushrooms:

For the special fried rice:

  1. For the crispy mushrooms:

    • Tear the oyster mushrooms into strips.
    • Dust the mushrooms in half the cornflour.
    • Make a batter using the remaining cornflour and soy sauce.
    • Dip the mushrooms into the batter then deep fry in oil at 175c until crisp.
    • Then toss in the Knorr Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce.
  2. For the special fried rice:

    • Finley slice the spring onions.
    • Dice the red pepper.
    • In a hot wok add the oil then stir fry the vegetables and rice for 2 minutes.
    • Add in the remain KNORR Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce and whisked egg then and stir through.