Advance Preparation


Using 'The Vegetarian Butcher' NoChicken Chunks to create a plant based version of the shredded chicken street food dish from the Szechuan province of China.



  1. Advance Preparation

    • Finely slice cucumber, radish and julienne carrot.
    • Shred Chinese cabbage, slice red chillies and spring onions.
    • In pan on gentle heat saute'The Vegetarian Butcher' NoChicken Chunks till golden.
  2. Assemble

    • Mix together, carrot, radish, cucumber and Chinese cabbage with half the KNORR Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce.
    • Place into base of a bowl.
    • Top with shredded 'The Vegetarian Butcher'NoChicken Chunks,finely sliced spring onion, chopped coriander, red chilli and crushed peanuts.
    • Drizzle with rest of KNORR Blue Dragon Chow Mein Sauce and sesame seeds.